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Will India play football world cup in next 10 Years?

In India where cricket is a religion which unites all the country together, but picture is slowly changing now, football is becoming popular in Indian people. Largely played in Bengal, Northeast and some southern states. Arrival of modern leagues has increased the passion for the game in country.

European Football leagues are most popular leagues in India, these leagues enhanced football passion in our country. Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid have huge fan following in nation. They are providing opportunity to our Indian children to train professionally by opening football schools and camps in different parts of the country. These camps has got immense success throughout country and running prosperously. Immature talent form various parts of the country are showing their skills in these camps and schools. This resulting in positive direction and now people see football as a bright sport option which has great scope in future.

Indian Premier league of cricket tasted sensational success  in India and now its a one of the biggest league in all over the world. By taking inspiration from IPL and English Premier league, idea of Indian Super League (ISL) has arrived. ISL attracted people to see skill of the stars coming from different countries. Club owners like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourabh Ganguly added more attraction to this league. After cricket, recently we can see jam packed football stadiums by fans, its a positive sign for this sport in country.

Hopefully Indian football will grow in future and we can cheer for our team playing in the World Cup.

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